Arroz Mezclada

Hola mi amigos!

I’m going to talk a little bit about my background. My mother is from Ecuador and growing up with an Ecuadorian mother really made an impact on how I view food. It was pretty simple. My mother said it, my aunts have said it, my grandma said it and even Michael Pollen said it. Eat real food, and real food being food that came from nature. However, somewhere along the line, I think people got greedy and changed the very nature of, nature I guess. But that’s a totally different story I’d love to touch upon later.

Anyway, I grew up on white rice, and now that I live in Shanghai, rice connects me to this place and makes me miss home a little less. However, I must admit, white rice just wasn’t cutting it for me anymore in America or in China. I’ve been in love with the fun varieties of grains like buckwheat, millet, quinoa and other grains for a while now, but this time I decided to go back to rice, mixed rice that is. In China, organic grains of all kind are pretty cheap at ¥18-¥23RMB for a small pack. That’s USD$3-$4 for a 4 cup container. Not bad in my opinion! It’s pretty easy to find a variety of grains here and since you can also make it in a rice cooker, it’s also as easy to make as white rice! No excuses for me, so I mixed organic black, red and brown rice.

You should soak most grains (millet, quinoa and white rice are the exceptions), especially black, brown and red rice. Let it soak overnight and then pop it in a rice cooker with a bit more water than you would normally put for white rice. About 2cm of water above rice before cooking.

Great source of fiber and protein. That’s what’s mainly in this medley. Also, black rice contains antioxidants (note the very dark/shiny color of black rice) and brown rice has fat-soluble antioxidants. Red rice in particular has a good portion of iron. Natural News website touches upon those health qualities. But the texture, the hearty texture, oh yea! The texture and the earthy flavor is what really attracted me to these grains.

Que viva la comida!

How to Make Arroz Mezclada
– 2 cups organic black, red, and brown rice
– 1/3tsp Organic cold pressed coconut oil
– Pinch of pink salt
– 2 2/3 cups filtered water

Recipe for Rice Cooker
1. Soak mixed rice overnight (8+ hours)
2. Drain the soaking water and add filtered water
3. Add salt and coco oil
4. Let it be…

Stovetop Recipe
1. Soak mixed rice overnight (8+ hours)
2. Drain the soaking water and add filtered water and soaked rice to a medium pot
3. Add salt and coco oil
4. Bring water to a boil uncovered
5. Once water is boiling, reduce flame to a light simmer for 20 minutes and cover
6. Times can vary depending on rice varieties, size of the pot, strength of the flame, etc. so check your rice for water absorption every 10 minutes.



2 responses

  1. Love the colours of the rice, especially before soaking. And the texture is great too. Nice mix-up from the usual staid white rice. Too bad you can hardly find grains like this outside.

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